Edmond_photo.jpgProfessor of Economics, University of Melbourne

My main research interests are in macroeconomics, international economics, and information economics. Before coming to Melbourne I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Stern School of Business, New York University. I received my PhD in economics from UCLA in 2004. I am a Fellow of the Econometric Society and an Associate Editor of Econometrica.


Unbundling labor [slides] (with Simon Mongey), August 2022.

How costly are markups? (with Virgiliu Midrigan and Daniel Yi Xu), September 2022. Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.


Creating confusion (with Yang K. Lu), Journal of Economic Theory, January 2021

Competition, markups, and the gains from international trade (with Virgiliu Midrigan and Daniel Yi Xu), American Economic Review, October 2015

Information manipulation, coordination, and regime change, Review of Economic Studies, October 2013

Aggregate implications of micro asset market segmentation (with Pierre-Olivier Weill), Journal of Monetary Economics, May 2012

Income dispersion and counter-cyclical markups (with Laura Veldkamp), Journal of Monetary Economics, September 2009

Sluggish responses of prices and inflation to monetary shocks in an inventory model of money demand (with Fernando Alvarez and Andrew Atkeson), Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2009

An integral equation representation for overlapping generations in continuous time, Journal of Economic Theory, November 2008

Self-insurance, social insurance, and the optimum quantity of money, American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), May 2002


Department of Economics
University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3010

Email: cedmond "at" unimelb "dot" edu "dot" au